A little about me...

I grew up in West Los Angeles, going to public school, taking acting classes and doing plays in the summer. I was raised by a single mother who to this day has never taken a day off, or a vacation, and had the most wonderful pets a girl could ask for.

I didn't play sports as a kid unless it was for P.E., but I DID love Cindy Crawford's workout VHS tape. I mean...who didn't?!


I was the type of little girl that spoke to her tree in the backyard the way most little girls, I would imagine, talk to their siblings  when they're getting along. I read books about the animals I loved and wrote poems teachers assumed were plagiarized. I wasn’t ever cool, even though I got to associate with the cool kids.  I held private concerts where I did interpretive dances to The Best of Bob Marley and The Wailers about just as many times as to the soundtrack of The Body Guard, and I was introduced to tofu at the age of 8. This is why I mentioned above that I won’t be that girl that takes selfies, that girl that posts about her outfits or every meal: because that’s not the stuff that matters to me and it’s not the stuff I’m good at. I’m not good at being cool, in fact if I am anywhere that echo’s that “big brimmed hat indoors, I only play vinyl and sip whiskey neat” vibe…I break out into cold sweats.

I studied A LOT in high school, I even got scolded once by my high school boyfriend because he caught me sitting in a bedroom during a party…studying my flashcards for the SAT’s. In college, I studied Theater at UCLA but the theater kids didn’t like me, so sophomore year I rushed and joined Delta Gamma where I met the greatest best friends a girl could ask for!

Today: I still talk to my plants, I still blast Bob Marley in my living room, and I still am involved with DG. But I don’t eat a lot of tofu, and the books I read are usually read to me on tape while I’m in my car. I still have the most wonderful pet a girl could ask for: Dusty Marie. My pug. My sun, my moon, and my stars. You see her in my Instagram, you’ll see her on my YouTube. I am absolutely one of “those” dog moms, and I’m proud of it!

I live in an area I never even thought I’d have to swear I’d never live in because as a second-generation west side girl that went to high school on the beach…the valley was never considered a livable place. Never a place you went to, EVER, except for an audition. But this Westside girl happened to fall madly in love with a boy from Ohio, who didn’t know that people don’t live in the Valley when he moved here 5 years ago. And so…here I am.  A little too hot and missing the ocean breeze: but loving our first home together, having a yard, and constantly refilling my hummingbird feeders so I can watch them in wonder from my hammock. 

Please enjoy this photo of Dusty exploring the beaches of Malibu.