Zoe Saldana

"I can't recommend Arielle McFadden's Intense Flow enough, I always leave feeling both physically and mentally challenged! Truly, a full mind + body workout."

Liz Culley


I have been practicing yoga for over 12 years and I can honestly say that Arielle's style is the perfect blend of stretch, endurance, meaningful "yoga talk" and incredible music.  Honestly, she is truly a fantastic yoga instructor. 

She teaches in the evening most nights and is so sincere and well educated I literally can't imagine wasting my time with anyone else at this point. 

Great for all levels, you will sweat, feel fantastic and no two classes are the same."

Susana De la Rionda

 "Arielle is a very intuitive and compassionate person, and this comes across in her holistic yoga classes.  I took a class of hers at Hot Pilates and immediately felt relief from the chronic back pain I have been suffering from for years: I used to have to see a chiropractor and get massage done weekly to help combat the pain. I have had several private sessions with her, and always leave with a feeling of wellbeing, renewed energy, and purpose.  Her instruction creates dramatic results quickly: not only that you can feel, but that you can see!  Being a thoughtful and empathetic listener allows her to get to the root of any issue.  Breakthroughs are inevitable. She also has a skilled and experienced in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  Her touch and gentle reminders to keep breathing are knowing, very confident, and deeply healing.  I highly recommend Arielle for releasing stuck energy from your body and your life.  Her depth of body wellness knowledge and insight provide great support.  Arielle's classes have allowed me to grow stronger and more determined with each passing day.  Whether Arielle is providing coaching on poses, offering at home stretching remedies, or "You don't suck at yoga" support: Arielle's energy and enthusiasm is always uplifting and healing. "